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Online Profile: Skycandy

Two of my favourite sci-fi movies, Blade Runner and Minority Report, portrayed visions of the not-too distant-future, as imagined by the author of the books they were based on (Phillip K. Dick) Both featured high tech gear such as guns, flying cars, and last, but not least, interactive signage. Owners, Simon Burgess and Adam Duguay are bringing the future into the present with the recent launch of their new company, Skycandy.

Don't worry, unlike the movies, Skycandy's software for digital signage won't try to get chummy with you, or know your name. But by using face detection, it will know that you are indeed looking at the signage, for how long and at what time of day. Add to that audience measurement software, remote management, and social network connectivity, and you can lock yourself inside facebook all day and technically, still be getting the work done. How sweet is that?

Internet yourself over to the Skycandy website for more info.



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