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In the Press: Salisbury House Advertorial.

In April of 2012, I was interviewed by one of my culinary clients, Salisbury House, for an advertorial piece that ran in The Winnipeg Free Press, and The Winnipeg Sun. Being a bit media-shy (yes, believe it) I was surprised at how Duncan Owen, Marketing and Communications Manager for Salisbury House, was able to sucsessfully pry more than just "yes" and "no" answers from me during the interview.

Here it is, as published:

Often when our guests are in a Sals restaurant they linger over the many historic photos that decorate the walls of our restaurants. They are the history of Winnipeg, the history of Sals and more importantly, the photos are also their history.

Today’s events are tomorrow’s history so when Sals wanted to capture images - the essence - of a restaurant that had played host to so many musicians, writers and artists, amongst others, over the years, it seemed only fitting to turn to an artist in his own right, photographer Jerry Grajewski.

A well-known Winnipeg photographer, Jerry is the son of an architect mother and an engineer father and says photography is the perfect blend of the two disciplines. “Photography is more about problem solving. The creative aspect is the underlying core, but you have to pull from various disciplines - physics, light, the equipment. I enjoy the problem solving aspects of the job.” Anyone who has worked with him can attest to his attention to detail and the thorough way he approaches concepts and ideas.
Jerry has been shooting photos professionally for 15 years. “My main focus has been commercial photography - ad campaigns and product photography,” he says. For the last decade much of Jerry’s work has involved food, shooting for culinary and hospitality magazines as well as for restaurant and hotels – including Sals.

It was his skill photographing food that Sals first got to know Jerry. When we needed to bring our food to life for our menus, he was brought in. And it is a job he still relishes - since he gets to sample his subjects.

As a Winnipeg restaurant chain that has spanned more than 8 decades Sals knows the importance of capturing our present, Winnipeg’s present, to be able to present a visual story of today to future guests. So that one day in the not to distant future you too can look back, point and say, “I remember that photo. I was there."

Duncan Owen



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