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Taking Food Photography to the The Next Dimension

Happy belated 2014.

I've spent most of it so far in the edit suite, cutting video footage from a few projects we shot in 2013. I'm not new to this motion picture thing, as I've shot and edited video in the past, but everytime I sit down to tackle a new edit I am reminded how much more involved the discipline is compared to editing stills.

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting video. Video takes photography into a whole new dimension, (literally, it's the dimension of time). But that's also the problem. Where it took 4-5 hours to edit, present, then colour correct, retouch and deliver still images from the shoot, the BTS video that follows took 4-5 days to edit, cut, and grade, not counting the late nights and self-induced creative direction changes.

One can argue that I can do it for the love of it, but I also love an efficient workflow, something that also comes with the passage of time.


Let's eat.


Food Photography: ANNA Magazine Production Reel. from Jerry Grajewski on Vimeo.



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