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Taking Food Photography to the The Next Dimension

Happy belated 2014.

I've spent most of it so far in the edit suite, cutting video footage from a few projects we shot in 2013. I'm not new to this motion picture thing, as I've shot and edited video in the past, but everytime I sit down to tackle a new edit I am reminded how much more involved the discipline is compared to editing stills.

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting video. Video takes photography into a whole new dimension, (literally, it's the dimension of time). But that's also the problem. Where it took 4-5 hours to edit, present, then colour correct, retouch and deliver still images from the shoot, the BTS video that follows took 4-5 days to edit, cut, and grade, not counting the late nights and self-induced creative direction changes.

One can argue that I can do it for the love of it, but I also love an efficient workflow, something that also comes with the passage of time.


Let's eat.


Food Photography: ANNA Magazine Production Reel. from Jerry Grajewski on Vimeo.

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An Honest Day's Work: Dr. Seps Pin-Up Shoot

Here's a behind the scenes look at a recent shoot for a brilliant ad campaign by Honest Agency, representing Dr. Sheps Hair Transplant Clinic. For this series, we went back in time to to let the target demographic know, that just as we can bring back the nostalgic pin-up fashions from the past, Dr. Sheps can do the same for your hair (methods will vary). Complete with QR codes, bikini models and bleary-eyed/over-worked photographer (that's me), enjoy this BTS reel, curtesy of At First Sight 


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An Honest Day's Work: Richlu Catalogue Production Reel

If you work outside in the middle of a Canadian winter, you better be dressed for it. Professionally, I prefer head to toe Richlu gear.  To prove this we documented the behind-the scenes photo shoot for 2011 Richlu Manufacturing Catalogue, where the models and production team were bundled up tight against the hazards of the job.

Production credits include Honest Agency for concept and design and Bill Acheson for video production, credits & editing and Purespace Recordings for the music score.



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Behind the Scenes at Hilary Druxman Studio

In June 2010 Hilary hosted a shin-dig for her clients, complete with wine, cheese, hors d'oeuvres and  photographer with a full studio set up. The event offered clients an opportunity to have their custom pieces re-newed, polished and professionally photographed.

Darren Wall was on hand with a Canon 5D MKII and years of film industry experience, our friends at Balanced Records provided the music, and the resulting behind-the-scenes clip is the result of our collaboration. Enjoy.  


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