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Artist Profile: Joe Silva


Friend and well established Music Composer/Producer Joe Silva was featured in this month’s DJ Mag Canada (Page 32). Joe runs record label Purespace Recordings, under which he also scores music for movies, TV and radio - this, in addition to pursuing his personal projects, continually expanding his repertoire, as well as remixing other artists' work in the electronic music genre.

We’ve collaborated with Joe in some of our recent videos, including the BTS Richlu Reel as well as the very recent BTS ANNA reel. Joe’s involvement in the film scoring industry really shows in his ability to match the music to mood and timing of the moving picture. Although we used original recordings to set timing and direction, assets were handed back to Joe for fine-tuning the mix for the final cut.

If you need original score for your next video project, Joe Silva is your man.


Purespace Recordings

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An Honest Day's Work: Dr. Seps Pin-Up Shoot

Here's a behind the scenes look at a recent shoot for a brilliant ad campaign by Honest Agency, representing Dr. Sheps Hair Transplant Clinic. For this series, we went back in time to to let the target demographic know, that just as we can bring back the nostalgic pin-up fashions from the past, Dr. Sheps can do the same for your hair (methods will vary). Complete with QR codes, bikini models and bleary-eyed/over-worked photographer (that's me), enjoy this BTS reel, curtesy of At First Sight 


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April Showers Bring May... Showers.

Out-door photo shoots are fun, especially when the sun is shining. In the middle of a rainy week, we managed to secure one perfect sunny day for the Winnipeg Women fashion feature shoot. Special thanks to our models and stylists (make-up by Sarah Gurevich, hair by David Regnier at Salon POP) and the Studio Publications team. Also, a very special thanks to the weather man - had we listened to you, the shoot would have been cancelled.

Sneak over to the Latest Work section for a look, but not before you view the behind-the-scenes video, courtesy of




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