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Behind the Scenes at Hilary Druxman Studio

In June 2010 Hilary hosted a shin-dig for her clients, complete with wine, cheese, hors d'oeuvres and  photographer with a full studio set up. The event offered clients an opportunity to have their custom pieces re-newed, polished and professionally photographed.

Darren Wall was on hand with a Canon 5D MKII and years of film industry experience, our friends at Balanced Records provided the music, and the resulting behind-the-scenes clip is the result of our collaboration. Enjoy.  


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Joe Silva Sinks to New Heights

Acclaimed producer, music composer and DJ Joe Silva, forgoes dry land and oxygen for the cover of his as of yet, un-named album. Shot with permission, at a public pool, we worked around some unexpected extras. 


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Wonderland: RWB Keeping It Surreal

Last month the Royal Winnipeg Ballet turned my studio into the Queen's boudoir, for a promotional shot of their world premiere production of Wonderland. The creative brief called for an exotic looking image, bordering on the surreal, to reflect the "contemporary", and "mature rendering of Lewis Carroll’s psychedelic fantasy." From a technical standpoint, this called for turning traditional studio lighting approach on its head, modifying lighting equipment and creating new HDR target recipes on the fly. So in other words, another day at the office. Check out the results below.

More Wonderland and general subscription info at the RWB website. Tara Birtwhistle & Vanessa Lawson in Wonderland photos: David Cooper Behind the scenes image: Michelle Blais

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Online Profile: Skycandy

Two of my favourite sci-fi movies, Blade Runner and Minority Report, portrayed visions of the not-too distant-future, as imagined by the author of the books they were based on (Phillip K. Dick) Both featured high tech gear such as guns, flying cars, and last, but not least, interactive signage. Owners, Simon Burgess and Adam Duguay are bringing the future into the present with the recent launch of their new company, Skycandy.

Don't worry, unlike the movies, Skycandy's software for digital signage won't try to get chummy with you, or know your name. But by using face detection, it will know that you are indeed looking at the signage, for how long and at what time of day. Add to that audience measurement software, remote management, and social network connectivity, and you can lock yourself inside facebook all day and technically, still be getting the work done. How sweet is that?

Internet yourself over to the Skycandy website for more info.

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Web Developers Love Flash (strobes)

Visual Lizard, the developers of this site, recently tore themselves away from their work and dropped by the studio for a visit. These guys are skilled web developers, but also exhibit traits of Zen Masters. During our web development process,   not only did they patiently suffer through a barrage of my naive questions, but also took time to educate me on some sweet developer lingo, such as "increased scope of the site" and  "stop cheating the platform". So during our visit I managed to return the favour by sitting them down in front of the camera and teaching them a few of my own terms such as "nose out", "are you chewing gum?" and "stop looking at the computer". The photo session was for their upcoming new website, which you can read more about here.

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Wear The West End

I've recently had the great opportunity to give my support to a worthy cause. From Hilary Druxman's Facebook page:

;Ace Burpee and jewellery designer Hilary Druxman have collaborated on a special necklace in support of Winnipeg's West End. 100% of net proceeds from the sale of each piece will support organizations committed to making a difference in the community.

The "Wear the West End" necklace is $36 and will be on sale to the public beginning July 14th at Hilary Druxman (258 McDermot Avenue) and at both Moksha Yoga locations (2 Donald Street & 1090 Waverley Street).

Proceeds will be divided between the West Central Women's Resource Centre & the Spence Neighborhood Association."

Launch video below.

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April Showers Bring May... Showers.

Out-door photo shoots are fun, especially when the sun is shining. In the middle of a rainy week, we managed to secure one perfect sunny day for the Winnipeg Women fashion feature shoot. Special thanks to our models and stylists (make-up by Sarah Gurevich, hair by David Regnier at Salon POP) and the Studio Publications team. Also, a very special thanks to the weather man - had we listened to you, the shoot would have been cancelled.

Sneak over to the Latest Work section for a look, but not before you view the behind-the-scenes video, courtesy of




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Spring Back To The Beginning

There's nothing better than the beginning of summer for a website launch. Except maybe spring! The snow has gone and seeds have been planted… in your mind. 

You may have seen these while driving - billboard campaign for Garden City Shopping Centre. The concept called for spring-related items supplied by the mall's retailers, to be arranged in the shape of  a flower. To lay product down and shoot it from above in one go sounds much easier said, than done. In fact, to do it in one shot, it would take a week of full day shoots, and even then, we would only get close.

Instead, we came up with a solution, as described by Neuhaus Design.

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First Post!

At long last, it's finally here. The "Coming Soon" sign has been taken down (actually it fell down, it's been up for so long) and replaced with a welcome mat. It seems like I've been working on this project as long as I've been a photographer. That's dedication. Speaking of dedication, most recently I've had the pleasure of working with some top-notch talent that made this site possible: Velocity Branding and Visual Lizard. Their work speaks for itself, so please follow the links and  hire them immediately.

Other shout-outs go to Chris & Karla of Spacecadet Design, for their previous efforts to get the site going, Bill Acheson (former Cadet) for the preliminary work on the design, and all of my clients, past and present, as without you there would only be the 'Unpublished' gallery for you to enjoy.

I should also mention the blog section that you are currently reading: FOTOBLOG. The world of photography often takes me to places and situations that some may not have the opportunity to experience. FOTOBLOG will serve as a new channel of communication. From updates on the latest projects to behind-the-scenes footage, it's my goal to keep you informed, and eventually entertained.

More to come!

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